Get to know your favorite products and the correct method to apply them.


Use for bald spots, thin edges, alopecia and overall healthy hair growth! How to Use : Type 1-2 hair: Use 1-2 times weekly on entire scalp. Type 3-4 hair: Use 3-4 times weekly on entire scalp. You may use 1-2 times daily on bald spots, thin edges or other problem areas. To maximize your results, use with Hair Elixir if you have relaxed, curly or kinky hair.


Use to strengthen hair, add volume to thinning hair and seal in moisture to reduce shedding and breakage. How to Use: Can be applied to wet or dry hair. If applying to dry hair, use a moisturizer (relaxed hair) or (our Hydrating Moist and Balm- natural hair) before applying. If your hair is damp, you may apply the Elixir directly to your damp hair before drying. Use 3-4 times per week. May also be used as a pre-poo, heat protectant or hot oil treatment. For the best results, use with Scalp Stimulator. Together, Scalp Stimulator and Hair Elixir provide growth and length retention.


Use to grow your lashes and eyebrows. How to Use: Apply nightly and wash off in the morning with warm water.


Use as a leave in conditioner, protective style refresher, for itchy scalp relief, hair detangler, curl definer and so much more. Helps to strengthen and repair your strands and also helps to calm an itchy scalp. Penetrates your hair shafts leaving leaving your hair moisturized and nourished. How to Use: For natural hair, apply before applying the Stimulating Scalp & Hair Balm for maximum moisture and shine. Shake and spray. Apply to wet or dry hair. Then, Relaxed hair: moisturize with a creamy moisturizer and seal with Elixir or Natural hair: seal in moisture with our Stimulating Scalp and Hair Balm and finally Hair Elixir.


Uses: Calms scalp irritation, provide moisture, eliminates dandruff and dry scalp, strengthens hair and restores natural shine and vibrancy. For kinky and curly hair types. How to Use: For natural hair, first spray Hydrating Mist and then apply the balm to your hair strands. The balm can also be applied to your scalp to nourish your hair at the roots.


Uses: Fills in balding/thinning areas and stimulates rapid, sustained beard/hair growth with regular use! Apply daily and massage in. For the results, use with Beard Oil.


Use to help to seal in moisture and promote a thick, full beard and/or hair. Adds luster, shine and softness to your beard and/or hair. How to Use: Apply daily to your beard. For the best results, use with Beard Magic.