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Protective Hairstyle & Edge Growth Bundle

Protective Hairstyle & Edge Growth Bundle

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Begin a transformative experience for your hair with our "Protective Hairstyle & Edge Growth Bundle" bundleRedefine your hair routine by including these products in your protective style maintenance. This edge control kit represents a comprehensive approach to achieving impeccable styling and nourishment for your hair. Not to mention, your edges will absolutely slay.

  1. Strong Hold Edge Control:  Achieve thick, laid edges with our unique formula that not only styles but also moisturizes, softens, and protects your edges. Our paraben-free and alcohol-free edge control prevents flaking and promotes hair growth. Our edge control can be used to enhance your natural hairstyles or your protective hairstyles. For optimal results, apply our natural edge control to clean, product-free hair.

  2. Edge Control Brush: Our two-sided Edge Control Brush is an easy-to-use tool designed to smooth down and secure your edges. Its bristle brush is perfect for smoothing damp baby hairs along your hairline, enabling various sleek looks. Combine this brush with our Strong Hold Edge Control for enduring styles. *Colors may vary

  3. Scalp Stimulator:  Our scalp oil is infused with rosemary, mint, and other vital ingredients. Our Scalp Stimulator encourages rapid, sustained hair growth. Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, this oil nourishes the scalp and increases blood circulation to hair follicles. Suitable for all hair types and can be used with protective hairstyles, it also calms scalp irritation, eliminates dandruff, and restores natural shine.

    • For Type 1-2 hair: Use 1-2 times weekly on the entire scalp.
    • For Type 3-4 hair: Use 3-4 times weekly on the entire scalp.
    • For targeted concerns, apply 1-2 times daily on bald spots, thin edges, or other problematic areas.
  4. Hydrating Hair Mist: Revitalize your hair with our Hydrating Hair Mist, infused with aloe vera and avocado oil. Aloe vera strengthens and repairs strands while soothing an itchy scalp The avocado oil penetrates hair shafts, leaving your hair moisturized and nourished. This versatile hair mist can be used as a leave-in conditioner, protective style refresher, itchy scalp relief, hair detangler, and more.