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What Is My Hair Type?

Asking yourself, “What is my hair type?” is essential in understanding how to care for your hair. Considering hair care routines are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. This process can be confusing, so we made the perfect, simple hair guide for you to learn about your hair type. Hair types are categorized by factors like:

  • Porosity
  • Density
  • Elasticity

  • Understanding these factors helps you understand your hair's needs for moisture and protein. Let’s run through the different types of hair, and find out which hair type you are! 

    What Are The Types Of Hair? 

    Everyone has different hair with similar characteristics. While some products work for some, they might not work for others. It all depends on knowing what fits your hair type. So, what are the 4 types of hair? Listed below are hair types 1-4 and the type of curl pattern to help you differentiate:

    Hair types 1-4 reference chart

    • Type 1 - Straight Hair Types

    Straight hair is from 1A to 1C, ranging from pin-straight hair to loose and slightly bent. This hair type can sometimes be challenging to curl due to its pin-straight nature but it also has a natural shine. For this hair type, it's recommended not to use too much product and to look for lighter-weight products.

    • Type 2 - Wavy Hair Types

    Wavy hair is from 2A-2C, ranging from subtle waves to more S-shaped curl patterns. Although managing this hair type can sometimes be difficult due to frizz, it takes minimal work to achieve the style you want. Using lightweight creams and a hydrating hair mist is recommended, plus leave-in conditioners could help control the frizz. 

    • Type 3 - Curly Hair Types

    Curly hair is from 3A-3C, ranging from loose S-curl patterns to even tighter corkscrew-like curls. This hair type is usually voluminous and tends to be thicker. These curls are similar to type 2 hair types with taking care of them. They work great with leave-in conditioners, and adding just the right amount of products with healthy ingredients is essential. 

    • Type 4 - Tightly Curled Hair

    Tightly curled hair is from 4A-4C, ranging from tightly coiled curls to a true afro. This hair type can be a bit more challenging to manage but using thicker creams or hair balms, and rich leave-in conditioners can help keep the hair moisturized and the ends clean.

    What is my hair type?: Taking A Quiz

    After learning about the different hair types and their characteristics, it becomes easier to learn which of these types you have and what your hair’s unique needs are. Taking a  ‘Hair Quiz’ for determining your hair type is a great way to determine which of the hair types you have. Once you’ve got your hair type figured out, treating and styling it becomes that much easier.  

    How to Determine Your Hair Type: Manual Check

    You can also take a strand of your hair once it’s been dried naturally after your next wash and match it to one of the curl patterns shown above. Doing a direct comparison to charts like the one we provided is a quick and easy way to make an educated guess on which type of hair you have. This method is simple, effective, and the one we recommend!

    Hair Porosity Type Chart

    What Are The Different Types Of Porosity In Hair?

    The hair cuticle structure determines how easily products can penetrate the hair and reach the cortex. Hair porosity types fall into three categories: low, medium, and high porosity.

    • Low Porosity Hair: Having low porosity hair means that hair cuticles are tightly compact, making it harder to retain moisture.
    • Medium Porosity Hair: Having medium porosity hair means that hair cuticles aren't too close together, making it easy to absorb and retain moisture.  
    • High Porosity Hair: Having high porosity hair means that hair cuticles are very open, making it easier to absorb but difficult to retain moisture. Thus making it prone to tangling, frizzing, breakage, and lack of shine.

    Hair Porosity Float Test Explained

    What Porosity Is My Hair

    The Float Test is a simple way to determine your hair porosity by dropping some strands of hair into a glass of water. If the hair sinks, it is likely to have a high porosity. If it floats, it is likely to have a low porosity. If it floats in the middle, it is likely to be medium porosity hair.

    How To Get Happy And Healthy Hair?

    Once you understand your hair type, achieving healthy and beautiful hair will seem more manageable. Your hair is a part of what makes you, you. The next steps to reach your flawless hair goals will be finding the right products. Whether you’re starting your hair growth journey or want to keep your hair healthy, Bask & Lather has the best natural hair products for all hair types.

    Our Scalp Stimulator is perfect for those who are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia or are looking to grow back their hair. And our Hair Elixir Oil helps you keep the hair you just grew strong and healthy.  Investing in the right shampoo and conditioner is also essential, sulfate-free and without harmful chemicals. And if you're still looking for products to add to your collection, check out all of our natural hair products and hair accessories, for helping you achieve your hair goals. Have you determined your hair type? Perfect! Now it’s time to take our ‘What is My Hair Type Quiz,’ to help determine which of Bask & Lather’s products your hair type could benefit from.