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Bask & Lather Brand Story and Introduction

Welcome to Bask & Lather Co!

The creation of Bask & Lather Co started out of personal need for hair growth products that nourished, strengthened, and stimulated the scalp and hair. Have you ever been told by specialists, friends, or family that your hair growth and scalp health problems were a lost cause? That your hair and scalp issues were something you were just going to have to live with? Bask & Lather Co offers hair products that act as a natural remedy to hair health issues of all kinds, nourishing your scalp and offering people a chance at fixing those stubborn hair and scalp issues. Our hair growth brand is committed to sharing these hair growth and hair health products, so that you too can benefit from them. 


The Bask & Lather Story

Bask & Lather owner and CEO, Shaina, recalls the Bask & Lather brand story, and how the companies mission and products came to be: 

  • Shaina says, “A few years ago, my younger sister lost ALL of her hair to a ringworm that spread across her scalp and was misdiagnosed as dandruff. Out of desperation, my mother took her to several specialists who all told her that there was nothing they could do and they were not sure that her hair would ever grow back.”

  • Shaina goes on to say,  “... She took things into her own hands and created a scalp oil (now known as Scalp Stimulator) to stimulate growth and a hair oil (now known as Hair Elixir) to nourish and strengthen hair. Both are formulated from all natural, 100% organic ingredients.... And now, they are available to you. “

The Scalp Stimulator and Hair Elixir

The Bask & Lather featured products that started it all are the Scalp Stimulator and the Hair Elixir Oil. 

The Scalp Stimulator formula is 100% all natural! This product kickstarts hair growth, featuring cold pressed oils, and is infused with essential oils like rosemary and mint that helps to stimulate rapid, sustained hair growth with regular use!

The Bask & Lather Hair Elixir Oil is formulated with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, mixed with other vital ingredients that help retain hair length by sealing in the hair’s moisture to avoid splitting and breakage. This vitamin rich formula helps promote thick, and beautiful hair that is super soft and easy to manage!


The Bask & Lather brand story and mission comes from a place of personal experience. Our main products were created out of a need for all natural hair growth products that actually worked, and nourishing oils that could help keep the hair you worked so hard to grow! Shop our growing collection of hair growth products, and experience the results for yourself! Still find yourself asking, “Does Bask & Lather work?” – Check out our Before & Afters page for a look at some of our happy customers!