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How to maximize growth over the summer with protective styles


Summer presents the perfect opportunity to embark on a journey of hair growth. Protective styles offer an excellent way to shield your tresses from the elements while giving them the space they need to thrive. Get ready to unlock the secrets to longer and strong hair. With the strategic use of protective styles, your hair growth results will impress you. 

Understanding the Magic of Protective Styles

Protective styles aren't just about looking stylish; they're an essential tool in your hair care arsenal. By tucking away your ends and minimizing manipulation, these styles create an environment that fosters growth. Here's how they work their magic:

  1. Reduced Breakage: Protective styles prevent your hair from rubbing against clothes, surfaces, and even itself, minimizing the risk of breakage.

  2. Moisture Retention: Keeping your hair tucked away helps it retain its natural oils and moisture, preventing dryness and promoting healthy growth.

  3. Low Manipulation: With less need for daily styling, your hair gets a break from combing, brushing, and heat tools, allowing it to flourish undisturbed.




Maximizing Hair Growth:

Proper care during the duration of your protective style is crucial for maximizing growth. Here are 3 ways to maximize hair growth with your protective styles - 

  1. Oiling The Scalp - If you experience itchy or flaky scalp with protective styles, oil it. Before you install your protective style, apply the  Stimulating Scalp and Hair Balm to your scalp directly or along the parting. The balm is formulated with a proprietary blend of butters and essential oils. The blend will provide vital nutrients to nourish your scalp to sooth scalp irritation, eliminate dry scalp and dandruff. 

  2. Scalp Massages

    Next, ensure to massage your scalp regularly. Apply our Scalp stimulating oil to your scalp and massage it in using the pads of your finger regularly.  Our Scalp Stimulator formula is made with cold pressed oils, and infused with rosemary and mint  to stimulate hair growth. The stimulant is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, providing vital nutrients to nourish your scalp and increase blood circulation to hair follicles.  Your hair will grow very fast so we suggest massaging your scalp 1 to 2 times a week.

  3. Moisturize Your Protective Style

    Last but certainly not least is to keep your protective styled moisturized. This is important as it keeps your real hair hydrated throughout the life of the style. And it will keep your hair strengthened and prevent breakage until your next wash day. Our hydrating mist and hair elixir is the perfect combo solution for your hair. It is vital nutrients that will penetrate  the hair shaft to maintain it's hydration level so  it will be soft, frizz-free and shiny. Spray your braids or twists with the mist from the ends upward then follow up with the oil to seal in all of the hydration. 







To maintain the health and strength of your hair for your protective style while promoting healthy hair growth, use our Moisturize & Seal Bundle.  This bundle has products to not only moisturize your hair, but keep it moisturized for a very long time. Additionally, there are hair growth promoting products formulated with vital ingredients for your scalp. It is the kickstart for making your hair look and feel a lot healthier.

 Our bundles includes a:
(1) Scalp Stimulator,
(1) Hair Elixir,
(1) Hydrating Mist, and
(1) Stimulating Scalp and Hair Balm.

So if you're looking for moisturizing products for hair growth as well, then this bundle is perfect for you.



 By embracing protective styles, you provide your hair with the ideal conditions for flourishing. From braids to twists, buns to wigs, the options are limitless. Remember, proper care and maintenance are the keys to unlocking the full growth potential of your hair during the sunny months. Let your hair reach length goals this season!