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Summer Essentials: The Ultimate Hair Care Travel Kit


Summer is here which means flights, beach trips and getaways with our family and friends. Whether you are heading a tropical oasis or exploring a new city/town, you need a reliable hair care travel kit. Our hair goes through a lot during our travels as it's exposed to a different environment as well as sun, saltwater, chlorine and the dry air from the airplanes. Our Bask & Lather Travel Kit has every product you need to take care of the hair in small, compact and TSA-approved packaging for your convenience.


TSA-Approved Packaging
When it comes to traveling whether via flights or a cross country road trip, every inch of space in your luggage is very important. So having compact packaging ensures that you can bring all your essentials without overpacking or being overweight. Our haircare travel kit is in TSA-approved packaging. Therefore, it makes the dreadful airport security checks hassle-free. Each product container meets the TSA guidelines which is typically 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters per items. So no worries about having your products confiscated during the check which can save you from heartache and delays.

Hair Care Travel Essentials:
We have chosen the best sellers of the bask and lather hair care line that you will need while travelling for this kit. Each product is in our sleek and stylish branded travel bag that you can pack in your checked or carry on bag.

On-The-Go Travel Essentials Kit

In the kit you will receive:

(1) Travel Size Strengthen Shampoo - 3oz: 
This shampoo is formulated with a non-stripping, moisture-rich and hair strengthening formula to help you to remove product build up while you are away. It provides a deep cleanse without leaving the hair feeling stripped. This 
TSA-approved travel shampoo that will cleanse and refresh your hair. 

(1) Travel Size Replenish Conditioner -3oz  
Replenish and revitalize your hair with our travel-sized conditioner. The conditioner is formulated with premium all natural ingredients which will improve the hair elasticity, soften the hairs, and reduce damage and breakage. designed to leave your hair soft and tangle-free.

(1) Travel Size Hydrating Mist - 3oz: 
Hydrate and refresh your hair with our lightweight travel hair mist. The mist will bring life back into your hair as it is infused with aloe vera and avocado oil. The mist is safe for all hair types as well as locs, curls, and protective hairstyles.

(1) Travel Size Strong Hold -Thick Edges- Edge Control -1.6oz: 
We know we need our hair laid while we are on vacation because we love to look sleek and polished at all times. So we made the edge control in a travel size (TSA approved) size as well. The edge control will tame your edges and flyaways with a strong hold. 

(1) Travel Size Scalp Stimulator - 2oz: 
When you are vacation, do not neglect the health of your hair or scalp. Our scalp stimulator allows you treat your scalp to a rejuvenating massage by promoting circulation and enhancing the health of your hair from the roots.

(1) Edge Control Brush: 
Achieve precision styling with our edge control brush, designed to sculpt and define your edges with ease.


With our packaging, you do not have to worry about any spillage or wastage while you're travelling. Each product comes in a leakproof containers which is important when travelling. As well as, resealable caps so you do not have to worry. We know that you will love this kit as you have been asking us for it. We are so happy to bring it to you right in time for the summer. So get your on-the-go travel essentials kit now before stock runs out.