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Men’s Natural Hair Care Routine

A man practicing hair and beard care

Unlocking those head-turning curls that stand the test of time requires prioritizing the health and cleanliness of your hair. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining fresh and full hair, scalp, and beard doesn't demand extensive time and effort. Discover an efficient natural hair care routine for men. This minimal hair and beard care routine seamlessly fits into your daily showering routine, even when you have just a few minutes to spare. Ready to embark on a transformative, yet simple hair care journey? Your enhanced natural hair routine for a better you starts right now.

How to Start A Natural Hair Routine for Men

The first step in a healthy hair routine for men is using clean and natural hair care products, starting with a non–toxic shampoo. When showering, use the Strengthen Shampoo, filled with high-quality all-natural ingredients, on your fingertips to gently massage the pH-balanced shampoo onto your scalp. Incorporating a natural shampoo packed with powerful ingredients helps break down product build-up or grime while improving hair health. 

Initiate your natural hair care routine by massaging in the hydrating shampoo with our scalp massager. This essential step not only aids in detangling your hair but also taps into the non-stripping wonders of our Strengthen shampoo. It is designed to preserve moisture and retain vital natural oils, helping your hair stay hydrated throughout the day.

How Can Men Moisturize Their Hair and Beard?

Why is it important to lock moisture into your hair, scalp, face, and beard? Moisture is necessary for a healthy head of hair and a voluminous beard. It helps build and strengthen hair starting at the root. The best way to make sure your natural hair is healthy is by using a conditioner–along with a daily moisturizer–to help prevent breakage or hair shedding. Having a conditioner designed for a man’s natural hair routine, such as the Replenish Conditioner is key to replenishing dry and damaged hair and preserving that sheen and bounce all day long. 

Once you have rinsed off the Strengthen Shampoo from your scalp, apply a healthy amount (amount?) of our non-toxic conditioner to your hair. Try to avoid applying conditioner to your scalp, rather start at mid-length and work towards the ends of your hair. After applying the conditioner to your hair, leave it in for five to ten minutes and detangle it until you have applied the conditioner to your hair, leave it in for five to ten minutes and detangle your hair once it has been applied before rinsing. Using a natural and hydrating conditioner on your hair, your curls will strengthen, ultimately reducing breakage and shedding

How to Retain Moisture in My Hair and Beard:

We suggest adding the Hydrating Hair Mist and the Jumbo Scalp Stimulator to your natural hair and beard routine for moisture retention. These products are crucial to preserving your curls after you're done with your shower. 

The hydrating hair mist can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Simply shake and spray! You can apply the natural hair mist on wet or dry hair. The hydrating hair spray will do its magic, sealing in those healthy oils and keeping your hair strong. 

The Jumbo Scalp Stimulator can be applied once or twice a week to your whole scalp, helping keep improving your hair growth. Just apply either 1 - 2 times a week if you have type 1 or 2 hair and apply 3 - 4 times a week if you have type 3 or 4 hair by rubbing on bald spots, thin edges, or other problem areas. If you have a few balding or thinning patches, you can use the natural stimulating oil daily to target those areas.

Hair Care Routine for Men: Beard Care Edition

As you wrap up your grooming routine and prepare to conquer the day, ensure your beard maintains its strength and fullness. Grow your dream beard by using the powerful combination of Bask and Lather’s Beard Magic and Beard Oil. This dynamic duo not only addresses patchy areas but also stimulates the growth of a dense and voluminous beard, making it an absolute must-have in your natural beard care routine. Apply the Beard Magic to a clean beard and massage it in. Then seal in the moisture and nutrients with the Beard Oil. These natural beard oils help hydrate your skin and the roots through the lengths of your beard. 

For those looking to fill in any beard patches, we suggest applying beard oils daily to stimulate growth through proper hydration and nourishment from our key ingredients. 

For more information, view the Beard Magic and Beard Oil FAQs for application tips.

Is there a Men’s Beard and Hair Growth Bundle for a Natural Hair Routine

Absolutely, the Men’s Beard and Hair Growth Bundle offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to improve their natural hair and beard care routine. Bask and Lather has crafted this hair and beard kit with essential products to strengthen, moisturize, and repair damaged hair and beards. This bundle is the ultimate choice to prioritize men’s hair health. Every man deserves an effortless natural hair care routine with products that heal, repair, and retain hair and beard growth.