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3 Fall & Winter Hair Care Tips



As the leaves change and the temperature drops, it's time to adapt your hair care routine to suit the unique challenges that fall and winter weather bring. The cooler, drier air can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. During this season your hair needs as much hydration and care to survive the low temperatures. To ensure your hair thrives this season, focus on four key aspects of hair care: scalp care, hair treatments, hydration, and moisturizing.

How to Have a Healthy Scalp 

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and the fall and winter seasons can be particularly harsh on this sensitive area. Cold, dry air can cause your scalp to become flaky and itchy, which is not only uncomfortable but can also hinder hair growth. Here's how to take care of your scalp during the colder months: Here are a few tips for a healthy scalp in the winter months:

Regular Hair Cleansing

Maintain a consistent hair washing routine, but be mindful not to over-wash, as this can strip your scalp of its natural oils. Hair care in the winter looks a lot different than in the warmer months. Winter hair care is all about finding a balance between clean hair and scalp while not overwashing. Washing your hair too much can contribute to dry and brittle hair. But have that in addition to a cold and dry environment? Overwashing your hair is a common mistake to make. Therefore, to help maintain a healthy scalp, and thus healthy hair, we suggest using a natural shampoo and conditioner, followed by hydrating hair products. Our hair-strengthening shampoo is formulated with high-quality, premium, all-natural ingredients. Our pH-balanced formula will help to remove product build-up and provide a deep, but gentle clean of your hair. More importantly, it is free of Silicones, mineral oils, drying alcohols, sulfates, parabens, fragrances, and dyes.

Benefits of Scalp Massages: 

A gentle scalp massage with nourishing oils can contribute to several benefits, such as stimulating blood flow, and promoting a healthy environment for hair growth. A study found that people who focus and participate in healthy scalp care, have experienced thicker hair. Not only that, but scalp massages can help treat dandruff, irritation, and flakiness. Scalp massages by themselves, act as a soft exfoliant, helping remove product buildup and dead cells, leaving your scalp clean. After you clean away all the natural oils and hair products, you are now leaving your scalp raw and vulnerable. Therefore, you should be incorporating oils to add moisture back into the skin, especially as part of your winter scalp care routine. Consider using our Scalp Stimulator Hair Growth Oil for this purpose. It is formulated with natural cold-pressed oils, and infused with rosemary and mint along with other vital ingredients to stimulate hair growth with regular use! Our hair growth stimulant is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, providing vital nutrients to nourish your scalp and increase blood circulation to hair follicles.


Winter Hair Care

To combat the dryness that comes with fall and winter, deep conditioning is a crucial step in your hair care routine. Deep conditioners are formulated to penetrate the hair shaft from the inside out. Deep conditioners help to restore moisture and repair damage caused by the elements. After using your deep conditioner consistently you will see a difference in the health of your hair. Here's how to incorporate deep conditioning into your winter hair care routine.

Weekly Hair Treatments 

For your weekly hair care treatments, you should prepare your hair with a fresh wash, condition and nourish your hair, detangle any knots, add heat protectant if you plan to style your hair and add moisturizing hair products. Once you complete all the preparations, then your hair is ready for treatment. You can use a hair mask or balm, scalp oils, or a natural deep conditioner. It is recommended to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. You may need to do more hair care treatments in the wintertime, to add that needed moisture. Look for products that contain ingredients like aloe, honey, olive oil, muru seed butter, avocado oil, rice protein, vitamin B6, castor oil, and shea butter. All of which is formulated into our Aloe & Honey Deep Conditioner.  

Apply Heat: Consider applying heat to your hair with the deep conditioner in it. The heat will penetrate the hair shaft to cause the hair cuticles to open. The vitamins and minerals from the deep conditioner wil penetrate into the hair shaft faster. This extra step can help to ensure your hair is very moisturized and strengthened. 

Routine Hair Products Healthy Hair

Proper moisturizing and sealing your hair is essential during the colder months. This prevents the hair from becoming dry, brittle, and breaking. Hair thrives with moisture as the hair shaft is naturally dry. Using the right products, and techniques will keep your hair looking luscious.  Here are some routine hair products for moisturizing and sealing your hair, especially in the winter.

Hydrating Hair Products: 

Choose hair products specifically designed for hydration that can help reduce hair breakage in the winter. Hydrating mists are formulated with added moisture to keep your hair hydrated throughout the week and/or until your next wash day. This is ideal as the air is colder which will withdraw the moisture from your hair if exposed a lot. The mist can also be used midweek if you need to refresh your curls or rehydrate your hair. Our natural hair mist can be used on any and all hair types.

Sealing in Moisture: 

After applying your hydrating mist, consider using a hair butter or oil seal in moisture. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair, which are more susceptible to dryness and split ends. Our Stimulating Hair & Scalp Balm is the perfect product for this. The balm is 100% all-natural and contains a proprietary blend of Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Scalp stimulant oil, calendula-infused oils, an essential oil blend, and lavender. Our natural hair balm will seal in the moisture and add shine to your scalp and hair, even in the fall and winter months. Additionally, it strengthens the hair and restores natural shine and vibrancy.

Protective Styles 

During harsh weather conditions, protective styles like braids or buns can help keep your hair moisturized and shielded from the elements. It is important not use wear your protective hair styles too tight, especially in the dry season, as it can cause premature breakage. To reduce the friction on your hair and scalp, we suggest using a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet. These easy options can reduce frizz and keep your hair hydrated overnight. 

Avoid Heat Styling: 

Minimize the use of heat styling tools like flat irons and curling irons, as they can strip moisture from your hair. If you must use heat, always apply a heat protectant. Heat styling tools should not be used more than once or twice a week if you are already experiencing dry or brittle hair from the fall and winter months. 

Healthy Hair Starter Kit Bundle:

We have packaged all of these products into a bundle called "Healthy Hair Starter Kit". This bundle contains EVERYTHING that you need to get healthy hair. Our starter kit contains all of the routine hair products you need to kickstart your journey. It has all-natural shampoo, conditioner, hydrating mist, hair balm, scalp oil, and our hair elixir oil. These hair growth products will help moisturize your hair and scalp during the fall and wintertime when it is nothing by dry and cold weather. 




Starting Your Fall and Winter Hair Care Now?

Achieving your Fall and Winter Hair Care Goals doesn't have to be a daunting task. By paying special attention to scalp care, deep conditioning, moisturizing, and sealing, you can maintain healthy, vibrant hair throughout the cooler months. With the right products and practices, your locks will not only survive but thrive in the face of fall and winter challenges. So, prepare your winter hair care arsenal and enjoy the beauty of healthy, luxurious locks all season long!