Having beautiful and healthy hair requires more than just the right products; it also involves using the best tools that cater to your hair's unique needs. In this blog post, we will explore a selection of essential tools that are game-changers in hair care routines. From Silk Bonnets to Silk Pillowcases, Scalp Massagers, Edge Brushes, and Spray Bottles, these tools are designed to promote hair health, manageability, and overall vitality.

1. Mommy & Me Bonnets: Mommy & Me Bonnets are not only adorable but incredibly practical for both moms and their little ones. These matching satin bonnets protect hair from friction, reducing breakage and frizz. By keeping hair secure and tangle-free, the bonnets are perfect for maintaining hairstyles and ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Each bonnet is sold separately so when purchasing select "Adult" then "Child".



2. Silk Pillowcases: Silk pillowcases are a luxurious addition to your bedtime routine. Traditional cotton pillowcases tend to dry out the skin and hair, leading to irritation and breakage from prolonged friction. Satin pillowcases offer hydration, less breakage and friction to the hair and skin, reduces tangles and frizz, and give a more luxurious sleeping experience These double-lined satin pillow covers are available in three colors and fit standard sized pillowcases.


3. Scalp Massagers: Scalp massagers are excellent tools for promoting hair growth and maintaining a healthy scalp. These handheld devices feature soft, rubberized bristles that gently massage the scalp, stimulating blood circulation and encouraging hair follicles to thrive. Scalp massagers also help distribute natural oils evenly, keeping the scalp moisturized and preventing dryness. A hair scalp massager can be used on wet  hair as you massage your scalp when shampooing on wash days. As well as, dry hair as you massage your scalp with our Scalp Stimulating Oil on a daily basis. or dry hair several times a week for 5 minutes at a time. 

4. Edge Brushes: The Bask and Lather Edge Control Brush is an easy-to-use tool that will help smooth down and secure your edges. This bristle brush is two-sided, perfect for smoothing damp baby hairs along your hairline for different variations of sleek looks. The fine bristles allow for detailed styling without causing damage, making them ideal for delicate hairlines. . Pair this double-sided edge control brush with the Strong Hold Edge Control for long-lasting styles.



5. Spray Bottles: The Everlasting Hydration Bottle is the perfect product to keep the moisture flowing. This water spray bottle for hair holds 10 ounces of liquid and continuously sprays your hair, allowing for even, effortless sprays. Filled with a customized mixture of water, leave-in conditioner, or natural oils, the spray bottle offer a convenient way to hydrate and refresh your hair throughout the day.  Using the Bask & Lather Hydration Bottle will boost your hair hydration game, because keeping your hair hydrated is important for overall hair health and growth!

Investing in the right tools is crucial for effective hair care, ensuring that your hair remains healthy, manageable, and beautiful. These tools cater to various hair needs, providing the care and attention your hair deserves. Embrace the power of these tools in your daily routine and watch as your hair becomes more vibrant, resilient, and easier to style. With the right tools in hand, you can confidently embrace your natural beauty and enjoy the journey to healthier, happier hair.

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