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When Aaliyah was five years old, she lost all of her hair due to ringworm. The ringworm had spread across her scalp and was misdiagnosed as dandruff. The dermatologist told her mother that Aaliyah's hair would never grow back. Her mother took matters into her own hands to create hair growth products for Aaliyah. These products were formulated with 100% organic ingredients to transform the health of Aaliyah's scalp and hair. Shaina (CEO) as a licensed nurse practioner assisted her mother to ensure the right and organic ingredients were used to create two products used on her sister's scalp. Those two products are known as our best selling Bask and Lather products - Scalp Stimulator Oil to promote hair growth, and Hair Elixir Oil to thicken the hair shaft. 

Bask and Lather was birthed out of personal desperation for a mother and child.  child and mother. Not only has these product helped Aaliyah's hair grow, it has transformed so many of your lives as well. As at today we have sold over  over 500,000 products (and counting!). As our reach continues to grow, we have remained committed to our day-1 consumer base.

At Bask and Lather we ensure each of our products are formulated with the health of your hair in mind. Your hair needs products that will nourish, strengthen and stimulate the scalp for hair growth. Each product contains 100% organic ingredients and oils that we know your scalp and hair will love. And our products are free from harmful chemicals that offer no benefit to your hair. Each product is carefully curated with the health of your hair in mind:

1. The Scalp Stimulator -
The scalp stimulator is truly magical as it is formulated with cold pressed oils, and infused with rosemary and mint. Each ingredients works together with the other vital ingredients to stimulate rapid and sustained hair growth through regular use. The stimulator is rich in omegas fatty acids hat will penetrate the scalp to provide nourishment and increase blood circulation.
scalp stimulator

2. The Hair Elixir - 
Our Hair Elixir is the perfect complement for the scalp stimulator. The elixir is formulated with JBCO which thickens the hair shaft and helps to retain hair length. The elixir also contains vitamins B, C , E  and minerals to seal in moisture to prevent hair breakage and split ends.

Our products act a a natural remedy to soothe your scalp to promote hair growth. In addition, the formula works well to stop scalp issues, thinning edges, bald spots and other problem areas. Day by day we are continuing to promote and empower the beauty that is black hair. Without your support thus far, Bask and Lather wouldn't be were it is today .We say thank you always! Thank you for always being apart of our journey by using our products so it transforms the health of your hair. And do know that we are committed always to growing your hair always!

Oh, and you didn’t think we were going to leave you hanging, did you?
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