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5 Products To Keep Your Braids Looking Fresh All The Time

Braids are a timeless hairstyle that not only looks stylish but also protects your natural hair. Whether you have box braids, cornrows, or twists, maintaining them is key to keeping them looking fresh and lasting longer. To help you achieve that flawless braided look, we've compiled a list of five essential products that will keep your braids looking fresh all the time.

  1. Edge Control:
    One of the biggest challenges with braided hairstyles is maintaining smooth and sleek edges. That's where edge control comes in handy. A good edge control product will help lay down your edges, taming any flyaway or frizz and giving your braids a polished finish. Look for edge controls that provide long-lasting hold without flaking or leaving a sticky residue.

    Our Strong Hold Thick Edges - Edge control not only lays your edges, it moisturizes, softens, and thickens your edges also. It's formulation is free of  parabens and drying alcohols so, no worries about drying out your hair and breakage. Our edge control will not turn your edges or scalp white or with flakes and it keeps the edges in place forever.

  2. Hydrating Hair Mist:
    Keeping your scalp and braids hydrated is crucial for maintaining their freshness. A hydrating hair mist formulated with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera will not only hydrate your scalp but also help alleviate any itching or discomfort. Simply spritz the mist onto your scalp and braids whenever they start to feel dry or itchy to keep them looking and feeling fresh throughout the day.

    Our Hydrating Hair Mist will bring your braids back to life! Hydration is vital to the health of your hair in. Our mist is formulated with aloe vera which provides the hydration and avocado oil which keeps the hair moisturized for longer. The mist will leave your hair underneath the braids hydrated and soft. As well as, keep your braids frizz-free and shiny for the duration of the style. 

  3. Silk Pillowcase:
    Protecting your braids while you sleep is essential for preserving their longevity. Traditional cotton pillowcases can cause friction and lead to frizz and breakage, especially with braided hairstyles. Switching to a silk pillowcase will help reduce friction, allowing your braids to glide smoothly across the surface and maintain their sleekness.

    Our pillow covers are double-lined satin so you're able to wear them on either side. They are available in three colors and fit any standard sized pillowcases. With our pillowcases, you will have a more luxurious sleeping experience without worrying about your hair breaking, knotting and tangling. They promote healthier hair growth in the long run.

  4. Growth Oil:
    Maintaining the health of your natural hair underneath your braids is just as important as preserving the braids themselves. A nourishing growth oil enriched with essential oils can help moisturize your scalp, stimulate hair growth, and prevent breakage.

    Massage a few drops of the scalp stimulator oil into the scalp. Then, gently massage along your scalp, edges and the crown of your hair. The oil will help to soothe your scalp to reduce itchiness and flakes. Massaging regularly into the scalp will keep your hair nourished while it's in the protective style.

  5. Hair & Scalp Balm:
    To address any dryness or irritation on your scalp, a soothing hair and scalp balm can work wonders. Apply the balm directly to your scalp, focusing on any areas of dryness or discomfort, to soothe irritation and keep your scalp healthy and nourished underneath your braids. 

    Our Stimulating Hair & Scalp Balm is formulated with 100% all natural and contains a proprietary blend of Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Scalp Stimulator oil, Calendula infused oils, an essential oil blend and lavender.  Additionally, our blend provides vital nutrients to nourish your scalp and hair follicles to aide in hair growth. The balm will soothe your scalp, eliminate dandruff and dry scalp while you are wearing your braids. Your scalp and hair will receive moisture, shine and softness which is exactly what it needs during the protective styling process.

    NOTE: Apply to your scalp and hair prior to braiding, and twisting.

With the right products and maintenance routine, you can keep your braids looking fresh for weeks on end. You would not have to worry about the health of your hair underneath the braids, as they are being nourished using the products mentioned above. These are 5 simple products that you can get on our website which are perfect for any protective style routine/maintenance.  Say goodbye to frizz, breakage, and dryness, and hello to beautifully maintained braids that turn heads wherever you go.